Development of single-screw water-lubricated compressors


As a main type of compressor, single-screw compressor has certain advantages in terms of structure and principle, such as many times of compression and exhaust per revolution, balanced bearing force, and long bearing life. Due to the structure of the single-screw compressor, the bearing force is relatively balanced, and water can be used to replace expensive and environmentally polluting lubricating oil for lubrication and cooling, which greatly reduces the exhaust temperature and the operating temperature of the unit, and realizes isothermal compression. In the field of oil-free compressors, water lubrication has great advantages over dry oil-free compression. Such as high efficiency, large gas production at the same power (specific power is 10%-20% lower than dry oil-free), ultra-low maintenance costs, low operating temperature of the unit, no use of any lubricating oil and many other advantages. And because its one-stage compression achieves the effect of dry-grade oil-free two-stage compression, the manufacturing cost is low. 
Our company is the first company in China to research and develop water-lubricated oil-free compressors, and the first company to use stainless steel to manufacture the compressor body, which has made a revolutionary breakthrough, making the compressor service life more than 20 years. Our company is responsible for drafting the national industry standard JB/T11882-2014 "Water-injection Single-Screw Air Compressor for General Use", which was issued and implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in October 2014. After years of exploration and experiments, our company has successfully developed more than 100 types of models with a flow rate of 1.2 cubic meters per minute to 42.8 cubic meters per minute, a single-stage compression pressure of 0.12MPa to 1.6MPa, and a power of 11kW to 250kW. And developed various types of permanent magnet variable frequency water lubricated air compressors, the products have been put on the market for many years, and users have responded well. 

In the second half of 2016, our company successfully developed 4.0MPa pressure 2-stage compressed water-lubricated oil-free air compressors. At present, several 110kW 2-stage compression 4.0MPa pressure water-lubricated oil-free air compressors have been running for more than a year, and the use is stable and reliable.