Reasons and measures for low exhaust pressure of screw air compressors


Here is given to you the reasons and measures for the low exhaust pressure of the screw air compressor.

First, the actual amount of the screw air compressor is greater than the unit gas volume, and should be checked to connect the connected equipment and pipe network. If the screw air compressor under normal use conditions, the amount of gas in the system is greater than the output of the compressor, and the large-specific compressor group or increase the compressor group.

Second, the unloading pressure set value is too low. Correctly set the unloading pressure value to give full advantage of efficiency.

Third, the screw air compressor air filter filter core, blocking, causing insufficient air intake in compressor unit, excessive exhaust pressure. The air filter condition should be checked and replaced if necessary.

Fourth, solenoid valve fault. The main discharge solenoid valve on the exhaust pipe of the screw air compressor and the cold start-up solenoid valve are leaked.

V. Control the gas path hose leakage. Replace the screw air compressor to control the gas path hose.

Sixth, intake valve movement is not sensitive, not fully opened. Repair the screw air compressor and check the status of the control system.

7. The oil separator is blocked and the oil separator filter is required.

Eight, the water separator drain valve is opened and causing leaks and should be maintained.

Nine, vent the valve fault, the screw air pressure unit cannot be closed when loading it. Repair or replacement is required.