The composition of the air compressor


5: Screen protection system(air compressor)
The central signal device is divided into accident signal and warning signal. The main task of the accident signal is to send out the sound signal in time and make the corresponding circuit breaker light position signal flash when the circuit breaker trips in an accident. The main task of the warning signal is to send out the sound signal instantaneously or delayed when the operating equipment has abnormal phenomena, and make the optical plate display the contents of the abnormal phenomena.

6: DC power supply system(air compressor)
Pz32 series complete set of automatic maintenance free lead-acid battery DC power supply equipment is composed of charging device panel, DC feed panel and battery. It has the functions of automatic current stabilization, automatic voltage stabilization and automatic voltage regulation, and provides power for the central signal panel and high-voltage control system.

7: DTC control system(air compressor)
The DTC control panel is the "brain" of the air compressor. The values of various on-site sensors are finally summarized to the DTC control panel, which displays various operating parameters and monitors the operating status of various parts of the air compressor. When some parameters exceed the allowable range, DTC will send corresponding alarm or automatically shut down the air compressor.