CMN Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor Won 5 International Invention Patent Certificates


Recently, CMN Compressor has successively received the US invention patent "a scroll compressor", the European invention patent "a scroll compressor with an anti-deformation structure", and a German invention patent "a kind of anti-deformation structure. There are five international invention patent certificates for scroll compressor, French invention patent a scroll compressor with anti-deformation structure, and Japanese invention patent a scroll heat dissipation structure for scroll compressor. Since the establishment of CMN Compressor, the company has attached great importance to the scientific research road that combines production, learning and research, adheres to the concept of "independent innovation, quality first", puts scientific and technological innovation in the first place, and continuously develops patented products.

These five international invention patents have not only improved the technological content of the company's products, but also enhanced the core competitiveness of the company, and provided strong technological support for the company's development.