Compressor Technique

  A single screw compressor screw engageable with two or more star-wheel. Screw and star wheel can be classified according to their cylindrical shape (C) and planar (P). Both types can be constituted by four kinds of single screw compressor: PC type, PP type, CP and CC. CP is the most commonly used type. 
       (a) PC-type (b) PP type (c) CP type (d) CC type 

       CP-type single screw compressor: 
       CP-type single screw compressor consists of a cylindrical screw 4 and the two symmetrical planar star wheel configuration consisting of 2 pair of meshing pair, mounted within the housing 1. Screw screw slot chassis cavity (8 cylinder) and the top surface of the tooth star constitute the working volume. In operation, power to the screw shaft 5, rotation of the screw driven by the star wheel. Gas from the suction chamber into the screw slot 7, after a compressed-air cylinder on the exhaust discharged from the discharge chamber 3 through 6. On the casing liquid discharge hole is opened, the oil, water or cooling liquid injected into the working volume, for sealing, cooling and lubrication. Screw usually has six grooves, each star wheel separating it into upper and lower spaces, each implement intake, compression, exhaust work. Since there are two star-wheel screw rotation produces 12 per compression cycle, and therefore the equivalent of a six-cylinder double-acting piston compressor. 

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